Picture in traditional Volendam custome

Every year many tourists come to Volendam to dress up in the Volendam costume to take a picture. The Volendam costume is world famous and is often referred to as the Dutch national costume. That’s because of the paintings from famous painters who have lived and worked in Volendam. The primary part of the Volendam…

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Experience Volendam

The best thing to do in Volendam: The best known village in Holland now has an amazing attraction that is suitable for any age: Experience Volendam. A visit to Volendam isn’t complete without a visit to Volendam a hundred years ago. The newest Virtual Reality technology will take you back in time to 1916 when…

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Woltjes Bakery – Volendam Stroopwafel experience

Discover how the most famous cookie is made in an old-fashioned Dutch bakery. See, smell, taste and feel hundreds of ‘stroopwafels’ in Woltjes Bakery. You will also get a demonstration from a traditional baker who will show you how the cookies are made. You might even get the change to bake a cookie yourself! And…

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