How does the € 2,50 discount work?

Click here to read the explination of the discount.

I have not received my E-tickets – what should I do?
Please send an e-mail to tickets@amsterdamcanalcruises.nl with the name on your ticket, the date and (if applicable) the time you have booked tickets for.

Does Amsterdam Canal Cruises accept credit cards?
Of course! We accept Visa and MasterCard. We do have a € 25 minimum on credit card payments.

Can I bring my own food on the Canal Cruises?
Unfortunately it is not allowed to bring your own food and/or drinks on board the Canal Cruises.

Can I bring my dog on the Canal Cruises?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on regular cruises (except guide dogs), but please contact the Canal Cruise Company mentioned on the detail page of the product to contact the company to make sure if it’s allowed or not.

Do you have a special children’s price?
It depends on the ticket. Please check the information per attraction, tour, canal cruise or museum. If there is a special price for children you’ll find it on the the page of the product.

I forgot something on board!
You can check all the lost & found items of The Blue Boat Company on their ilost page. If they have found your item, it will be on here and you can claim it directly! Did you lost your item during a cruise from a different Canal Cruise Company? Or during a tour, a museum visit, et cetera? Please contact the company mentioned on the product page of the product you’ve booked.

Will I get seasick?
It is very unlikely. The boats mostly sail within Amsterdam’s city centre, where the water usually stays very calm.

What happens when it rains/storms/freezes?
Most Canal Boats have a roof that can close fully and have central heating on board, so even if it is cold outside, you will be warm inside. The canal boats mostly sail within the canals where the water stays very calm, so they can sail in almost any weather.

I’m in a wheelchair. Can I come and sail?
Yes, you can! But it depends on the Canal Cruise Company. Please check the details on the product page if this is possible. The City Canal Cruise from The Blue Boat Company is wheelchair accessible, please contact The Blue Boat Company a day ahead via 0031 20 679 1370.

Is there a toilet on board the canal boats?
Most boats have a toilet on board.

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Send an e-mail to tickets@amsterdamcanalcruises.nl or give us a call +31 20 676 0302.