More tickets = More discount

When will I receive a € 2,50 discount on every museum and/or attraction ticket?

If you add an adult ticket of the City Canal Cruise, Kids Cruise or The Amsterdam Canal Cruise to your shopping basket.

How does the discount work?

Per one City Canal Cruise or Kids Cruise ticket you will receive € 2,50 discount on every unique museum and/or attraction ticket. Example: If you add two City Canal Cruise tickets and two Rijksmuseum tickets and two Heineken Experience tickets to your shopping basket you will receive a € 10,- discount (€ 5,- discount on the Rijksmuseum tickets and € 5,- discount on the Heineken Experience tickets). If you buy one City Canal Cruise ticket (or one Kids Cruise ticket) and two Heineken Experience tickets and two Rijksmuseum tickets, you’ll receive a € 5,- discount (€ 2,50 discount on the Rijksmuseum and € 2,50 discount on the Heineken Experience).

When doesn’t the discount apply?

The discount does not apply to all other cruises and all tours offered on the website.


Do you have any questions about our discount? Send an e-mail to or give us a call +31 20 676 0302.