Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020

What is the Amsterdam Light Festival?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual festival, where the light artwork of artists from all over the world will light up the city centre of Amsterdam. This year, the festival has returned for the 8th time back to Amsterdam. From the 29th of November 2019 until the 19th of January 2020, visitors can enjoy the artworks that have been created especially for this festival.

Theme of this year: “Disrupt”

The festival shines a new light on the city every year. This time, the artists have let themselves get inspired by the theme “Disrupt”. With disruption we often think of conflicts, chaos or danger. But it can also give a positive and sometimes essential impetus to change – think for example of the impact of the bitcoin and the #MeToo movement. Artists from home and abroad give their interpretation of disruption and use light in a unique way to be disruptive and give us new impulses.

How can I see all the artworks?

You can follow the artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival via a walking route or canal cruise ride. Considering the artworks are spread throughout the city centre, we’d recommend you to do a canal cruise instead of walking. All the artworks are placed on or near the canals of Amsterdam, so the best way to discover them is from the waters. During our Amsterdam Light Festival cruise, the official Amsterdam Light Festival audio guide will tell you all about the different artworks that light up Amsterdam during the dark, winter months. Our comfortable, heated boats will keep you warm while you order drinks and snacks from the waiter. Want unobstructed views of the artworks? Cruise with us in our small, open boats.

For our smallest visitors, we have an exclusive Amsterdam Light Festival kids cruise featuring Meneer de Uil from the Fabeltjeskrant! Please note that the audio guide for the kids cruise is only available in Dutch.