Dutch National Brands in Amsterdam (and The Netherlands)

What are typical Dutch national brands? You might know the international Dutch brands like Philips, Heineken and G-Star RAW, but what are the Dutch National brands, the Dutch grew up with and/or love? Stores are also located in Belgium and Suriname.


HEMA stands for Hollandic Standard Prices Company Amsterdam and is a Dutch national retail chain. They offer their own brand and is known for it’s own unique designs and the ‘HEMA Rookworst‘. Typically known characters are Jip & Janneke and their dog Takkie, which the Dutch children book writer Annie M.G. Schmidt created together with illustrator Fiep Westendorp. Jip & Janneke have an easy recognisable black/white design. With their eastern campaign in 2017 HEMA once again introduced new characters: familie Paashaas or the Easter Bunny family.



De Bijenkorf is a luxurious department store in The Netherlands, Amsterdam has one of the most biggest and beautiful Bijenkorf in The Netherlands. The department store is established in 1870. The Bijenkorf sells clothing, parfume, shoes, bags, cosmetics, home accessories and many more. Customers will be surprised with exceptional products and you’ll be inspired by the premium experience. If your a non-EU traveller you can shop tax-free at the Bijenkorf. Hungry? Grab a bite at the top floor of the building, there you’ll find a restaurant with a lot of different cuisines.

Bakker Bart

Bakker Bart is a Dutch franchise chain, which offers typically Dutch sandwiches, to go with a cup of coffee or tea. The food is mostly served as for on the go, sometimes you can sit down to eat.

bakker bart

La Place

La Place is a Dutch restaurant chain, with restaurants in other stores like the bankrupted V&D (which was also a typical Dutch department store).They offer different kind of foods, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or to grab a snack with some coffee. They mostly serve the Dutch appeltaart.


Blokker is a Dutch chain that offers household items.


Kruidvat is a Dutch retail pharmacy and drugstore chain that is specialised in health and beauty products.


Febo is a widely known Dutch snack bar and is located in different locations in The Netherlands. You can get a snack out of the wall!

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn (AH) is a Dutch supermarket and you can find the supermarket on stations as Albert Heijn To Go where they offer product especially for the traveler. AH is a full service super market and focuses on quality.