Funny Dutch expressions

The Dutch like to use sayings to express thereself and they also tent to translate their sayings directly into English. So prepare yourself with some of these funny Dutch sayings.

Het regent pijpenstelen

It’s raining pipe stems. This Dutch saying is used to express that it’s raining really hard for a longer period of time. Why pipe stems? The expressions originates from the Goudse Pijp (a pipe from Gouda). The stem of this pipe is straight and long.

Dat zit wel snor

That’s a moustache. It means that’s ok, the intentions behind this saying is to reassure you.

Met de deur in huis vallen

To fall with the door in house. It means to get straight to the point.

Ver van mijn bed show

Far from my bed show. It means that you don’t really care about it or something that is happening far away.

Als twee honden om een bot vechten gaat de derde ermee vandoor

If two dogs are fighting for a bone, the third dog gets the bone. It means that if two people are arguing the third persons profits from this.

Er geen touw aan vast kunnen knopen

You can’t knot a rope around it. It’s not clear what it means.

Een goede daad is goud waard

A good deed is worth gold. To help someone is a good thing.

Je weet nooit hoe een koe een haas vangt

You never know how a cow catches a hare. You never know how things will turn out.

Haar op de tanden hebben

To have hair on your teeth. To be verbally strong.