Selfie spots in Amsterdam

Selfies are part of life… A part of your holiday. We’ve made a list of some selfy spots in Amsterdam.

I Amsterdam sign

A must-do for every person who lives or visits in Amsterdam. Take a selfy with the I Amsterdam sign, go a bit early in the morning if you don’t want to share your selfy with too many people. You can combine a selfy of the I Amsterdam Sign with the Rijksmuseum.

#selfy I ❤️ #Amsterdam ?✌️

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Wooden shoes

In Amsterdam you’ll encounter some big wooden shoes in front of tourists shops. To make it a selfy, take a picture from helicopter perspective.

Wooden shoes ? #amsterdam #holland #woodenshoes

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Getting a tad wet in Amsterdam! #selfy #amsterdam

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Madurodam sign

Madurodam is located near Den Haag, the political city of The Netherlands. Madurodam is a small city full of beautiful miniatures, playful activities and the best attractions. Make a selfy with the small Madurodam sign.