How to recognize a true Amsterdammer?

True Amsterdammer? Amsterdam is an international and vibrant city. With about 180 different cultures living in Amsterdam. Through the history Amsterdam has always been an international and vibrant trading city. With people settling in the city from Antwerp and many other countries. You can say there are many type of different Amsterdammers, the exchange student, the expat, the import Amsterdammer, the student and many more. But how do you recognise the True Amsterdammer?

The True Amsterdammer

A ‘True Amsterdammer’ is born and raised in Amsterdam and would never leave the city (as a matter of saying). A lot of Amsterdammers live outside the city. He/she loves folk music like André Hazes and the movie Ciske de Rat. An Amsterdammer likes to visit a Bruin Café (traditional Dutch pub) and likes to smoke a sigaret and speaks in their own dialect. A true Amsterdammer is preferably born in the street De Jordaan.

Although De Jordaan is becoming more and more a trendy street, it used to be a street where the working class would live. De Jordaan has become more expensive to live at. In general houses became relatively expensive in Amsterdam compared to other places in The Netherlands. It’s probably hard to imagine what we’re talking about, if you didn’t grew up in Amsterdam. Ofcours this is just a stereotype, read the story about Jesse a ‘True Amsterdammer’.

There are many different ‘True Amsterdammers’, luckely the website 180amsterdammers mapped the 180 cultures living in Amsterdam by interviewing one person per culture.