Try Poke Bowls in Amsterdam

No we’re not talking about those Pokémon, but food! Poké Bowls is Hawaiian inspired food. Looking for healthy fast food in Amsterdam? Than you should try Poké Bowl from Poké Perfect in Amsterdam. You can build your own Poké Bowl or you can choose a Poké Bowl from the pre selected bowls, like The Sriacha Spicy Tuna or Soy Joy.

What is a Poke Bowl?

Sushi in a bowl! Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish with rice, fish and different toppings in a… bowl. The concept was brought to Amsterdam by brother and sister Gerrit Jan and Quinta Witzel. It’s a popular concept in the USA, but relatiely new to The Netherlands. It’s not that easy to find quick and healthy food in Amsterdam, so Geriit Jan and Quinta solved this problem.

 Hawaiian beach tent

An eye-catcher is the bar, which draws your attention to the food.  The place itself looks fresh with light and modest colors, which makes the colorful food pop out even more. Step into an Hawaiian beach tent… with the bottles on the wall with messages, the ropes, the grass on the wall and the relaxing atmosphere.