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Haven 45, 1131 EP, Volendam
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Important information

Depart from the old harbour in Volendam on your super cool E-scooter to explore multiple villages around Volendam. Along the route you will see a beautiful windmill, lots of meadows, a countless number of cows and sheep and you will cross the famous Dutch dikes. The one time you will be cruising on top of the dike, so you can see (and even dive into!) the lake, the ‘Gouwzee’. The other time you are riding meters below sea level along the dike to experience how the Dutch locals live behind the dikes and below sea level.

From Volendam you can either choose or be advised which villages you would like to visit with your E-scooter. Within one hour you can perfectly visit Edam, an almost 800 year old town north of Volendam. Edam is famous for its peaceful narrow alleys and small canals, the beautiful façades of the cosy houses and the unique small boutiques. Also Edam is known for its cheese market where visitors can both taste and purchase a various number of cheeses.

Also another town, which is called Monnickendam can be visited in one or two hours of time. When walking or cruising around in the old centre of Monnickendam it will feel like you went back in time. Along the streets you will see the beautiful houses made of light bronze bricks. Also the old harbour with its pretty ships and charming terraces is definitely worth a visit. An absolute highlight in Monnickendam is the beer brewery, where you can see where and how the local beer is brewed, where you can taste the homemade sausages and enjoy the lovely terrace along the water.

When you have more time to spend, it is highly advised to make a tour from Volendam to Monnickendam and from Monnickendam to the former island Marken. Marken is a stunning town with lovely bridges over the small canals and really nice wooden façades. As the island can only be reached by a 10 kilometre long dike, the small town is surrounded by water where it becomes really clear again how the Dutch are dealing with living below sea level. From Marken it is possible to take the boat back to Volendam. The Express is departing each 30 minutes from Marken to Volendam and it is possible to bring your E-scooter on the ship. After a 30 minutes cruise you will be back in Volendam where you can drive back to the rental company to bring back your E-scooter.

Other villages and cities you could visit with your E-scooter are Purmerend, Uitdam, Broek in Waterland, Zuiderwoude, Overleek, and Zaandam. Also riding to Amsterdam is possible, however in the capital city there are other regulations for scooter driving, so if you are planning to drive there, please consult with the rental staff to hear everything about the do’s and don’ts.

What is included: 

  • E-scooter rental
  • Full battery and possibility to change the battery on various locations within the region
  • GPS program to follow possible routes on your smartphone
  • Hardcopy map of the surroundings with recommendations to break to determine your route

What is not included: 

  • Meals and drinks
  • Live-guide

Cancellation policy

  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund
  • Free cancellation in really bad weather conditions (lots of rain, strong winds, snow or frost)

Additional information

  • Driving on an E-scooter is only allowed when you are in the possession of a valid driving licence. You always need to present the document when renting an E-scooter.
  • When renting an E-bike or E-scooter, a deposit of € 50,- will be asked, which will be returned to you after giving back the (undamaged) E-bike or E-scooter.
  • It is never allowed to rent or drive on of our vehicles when you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
  • It is not allowed to drive on the highway with our vehicles. You are obliged to always drive on the stated bike paths.
  • Always be aware of the residents and other road users. It is not allowed to use your claxon unneccessarily, always drive slowly when passing wanderers and other bikers and always create enough space for other road users.
  • When returning your E-scooter or E-bike later than the agreed returning time, the time will be charged afterwards
  • Full battery with a range of 60 kilometers