Events in Amsterdam

No other Dutch city has as many events as Amsterdam. No matter the season, the event calendar of Amsterdam is packed. On this page, we’ll talk about some major events that locals and tourists alike mark on their calendars as ‘do not miss’!

Amsterdam Light Festival

As you might expect from a city known for its gorgeous canal belt, many of Amsterdam’s events are linked to their “grachten”. Case in point: the Amsterdam Light Festival. Every winter, parts of Amsterdam are the playground of artists that make light-sculptures that light up the city. Every year there’s a theme, so you never know what to expect. Usually you can check out all the sculptures on a Light Festival-walk, but the favorite way to check them out is from the water! There are always specific canal cruises or open boat canal cruises that guide you along all sculptures.

Gay Pride and Sail Amsterdam

And that’s not all! Summertime is thé time for events in Amsterdam. Two of the biggest events that are (partially) held on the water are Gay Pride and Sail Amsterdam. During the Gay Pride week, the city celebrates love in all its forms. There are tons of events during the week, but the last Saturday of the week is the day everyone’s always waiting for. A wide variety of boats, filled with dancing people, glide through the canals, cheered on by thousands of people standing on bridges and on the sides of the canals. It’s a party you cannot miss!

Another bucket list event is Sail Amsterdam. This one only happens once every five years! Unfortunately, the boats that play a major role in this do not fit in the Amsterdam canals, because immense sea sailing ships play the leading role. After an overwhelming parade across the North Sea Canal, the iconic ships moor for a few days around the IJ. Visitors can then admire the ships from the quay along ‘t IJ or in the IJ harbors.

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