Shopping streets in Amsterdam

There are a variety of shopping streets in Amsterdam, although your not the shopping type you’ll enjoy exploring some of these shopping streets in Amsterdam.

De 9 straatjes – The Nine Streets

Here you’ll find original and unique stores. You’ll find cosy shops, cafés, vintage stores, bookshops, speciality shops and more. De 9 straatjes exist of Gasthuismolensteeg, Oude spiegelstraat, Wijde Heisteeg, Harstenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Huidenstraat, Reestraat, Berenstraat en Runstraat. Read more about the different street on the website of De 9 straatjes.

De Kalverstraat

After the construction of the medieval city walls, the street between Munttoren (originally a gate in the city walls) and Spui square came to be known as Byndewyck. The street later became known as Kalverstraat (“calf street”), after the cattle market that was held here from 1486 until 1629. You’ll find alot of international and national brands in De Kalverstraat. National brands like the HEMA and international brands like H&M.

P.C. Hooftstraat

The P.C. Hooftstraat is home to alot of Amsterdam’s high-end shops like Gucci, Prada, Cartier and more.


Leidsestraat is a busy shopping street which is located closely to De 9 straatjes. The street dates from the major city extension of 1658 and ran from Heiligewegspoort to Leidsepoort towards Leiden. From 1877 to the electrification in 1903, there were horse trams riding through the Leidsestraat. Now, trams carefully ride through the busy hopping street. The Leidsestraat is the second most expensive street in the Dutch version of the game Monopoly.


Several antiquairs and galleries are established in this quarter. The name Spiegelkwartier was designed by the glass-styled antiquarian Frides Laméris. Which was also one of the founders of the still-existing Spiegelkwartier Association.

De Jordaan

Formerly a working class neighbourhood, De Jordaan transformed to a bohemian yuppie neighbourhood. You’ll stumble upon artist’s studios, second hand stores and more.

De Dam

It’s not a place to hang out all day to shop, but you’ll find some international clothing stores here and it’s close to De Kalverstraat. De Bijenkorf and Magna Plaza is located at De Dam. De Bijenkorf is department store which offers luxurious goods, it’s also a nice department store to just visit and grab a bite. Magna Plaza is a small shopping centre, located in a Neo-architectural style building.