Taxis in Amsterdam

Public transport is the most common way to commute in Amsterdam, but sometimes you’ll want to take a taxi. When you’re travelling to or from the airport or late at night when public transport is limited. Being in a foreign country can make it hard for you to know which taxis are legal and certified. That’s why we’ve written down the most important information for you.

You’ll find a lot of unlicensed and illegal taxis, especially at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We advise you to avoid these and go for a certified one. This way, you’ll know for sure that you’re not paying too much for your ride and these taxis are regularly checked by the municipality.

Certified and approved taxis and taxi organizations can be recognized by:

  • a blue number plate
  • a light on the roof with the company name and taxi number
  • a taximeter
  • a visible taxi permit of the driver.

After a taxi ride, you’ll be given a printed receipt. If you don’t receive one, ask for it. Make sure to save it since it contains information regarding the taxi, the taxi driver and your ride, should you need it.

Taxistands in Amsterdam

Taxis are normally not hailed on the street, as stopping is not allowed on many roads in the city centre. You can either call a taxi company to come and pick you up or you can go to one of the many fixed taxi stands. You can find them close to busy tourist areas such as the Dam, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. There are over 50 official stands in Amsterdam and they can be recognized by the blue signs.


The price of a taxi journey is calculated based on a starting rate, a price per kilometre driven, and a price per minute.

Taxi car (maximum four passengers)

  • Boarding rate: € 3.19
  • Mileage rate: € 2.35
  • Time rate (per minute): € 0.39

Taxi bus (five to eight passengers)

  • Boarding rate: € 6.49
  • Mileage rate: € 2.95
  • Time rate (per minute): € 0.44

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