Top 3 museums in Amsterdam to visit with children

Amsterdam has a lot to offer to children, we’ve made a top three of the museums which are fun to visit when your travelling with children.


Nemo is great fun for the children (and grown up kids), Nemo is a hands-on science museum. The museum contains five floors and each floor has a main theme. The first floor is about DNA, the second about a ball factory, the third floor contains a science lab, the fourth floor is about the human mind and the fifth floor is about food (cafetaria).


The Scheepsvaartmuseum is fun to visit for the whole family. It has special exhibitions for families & children. Learn and experience life on board of a ship from the 17th century. Hoist cargo, scuttle through the hold, fire a cannon!

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is a fun museum for the whole family, meet and make a selfy with your hero’s! Like Justin Bieber, Adele, E.T. and Rembrandt.