Top 5 museums in Amsterdam

There are about 16 museums in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam you can find some of these divers museums. We made a top 5 museums in Amsterdam list, to help you pick your favourite to visit while staying in this divers city.

Museums in Amsterdam


The Rijksmuseum is a ‘must-see’ on your stay in Amsterdam. It’s a huge museum and you can easily spend one, two or three days in the museum… The museum displays about 8.000 objects of its total collection of one million objects and is dedicated to the arts and history of Amsterdam. The building is an eye-catcher and was designed by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. In 2013 it opened its doors again after a 10 year rennovation.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is, in contrast to the Rijksmuseum, a museum for modern art. The Dutch also call it the ‘Stedelijk’. The collection comprises modern and contemporary art and design from the early 20th century up to the 21st century.

Amsterdam Museum

In the monumental Amsterdam Museum building you will discover the story of Amsterdam through a large number of masterpieces, such as an aerial map from the Middle Ages and Breitner’s The Dam. See, read about, hear and experience how the city has developed in the Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum

Step into Van Gogh’s world and get to know Vincent Willem van Gogh, he was a Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter and was known for his dramatic, impulsive and expressive brushwork.


Amsterdam is home to a variety of breweries and places for beer tasting. Heineken is still the biggest name and one of the most traditional Amsterdam beers. The Heineken Experience offers four floors of multimedia exhibits, historical brewing artefacts and a tasting bar. There’s also ‘Brew Your Ride’, a 4D adventure that allows visitors to discover what it’s like to be a bottle of Heineken.